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The A-Z of Contact Sports Injury and Their Prevention

A sports injury is something we are all aware of. Sometimes the injury can be so severe that it can end the professional career of a sports person. The injury is more severe in the high impact full-contact sports like ice hockey, soccer or roller derby. Players can suffer from several types of injuries involved in contact sports such as ankle sprains, fractures, dislocations, concussions, lacerations, cuts etc. You can seek advice from a Perth chiropractor on the protective measures to take for the contact sports.

What Do You Need to Know About Sports Injuries?

There are mainly two types of injuries; the acute injury and the chronic injury.The acute injury or the one-time injury occurs during full-contact sports. Fractures bones or sprained ankles are some of the common acute injuries.The chronic injury takes place due to repeated stress over a period of time. You can easily prevent the overuse injuries by stop playing when you are exhausted. Fatigue reduces the protective mechanism of your body making you more prone to injury.  The PRICE principle is of great help in treating common injuries in sports.

What is the PRICE Principle?

P- Protect:Protecting the injury with the help of pad, crutch or sprint

R-Restrict Activity: Restricting the activity would safeguard against wound worsening.

I-Apply Ice: Ice has anti-inflammatory properties and you should apply it for every 20 minutes for 1-2 hours.

C-Compression:  Compressing with the help of elastic bandage reduces swelling.

E-Elevation of the Injured Area: Reduce swelling by elevation of injured area above the position of the heart.

What are the Common Types of Sports Injuries and What You Can Do About Them?

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